Best of You Teach US

American Graffiti Gang Graffiti Philadelphia: Cornbread Wrote various things since 1960s.. NYC – Taki 183 Demetrius was leader – Inspired by Julio 204 Nickname Taki (183th street) “You Graffiti Meet Money (Group) Oct 1972, 222ytr old sociology major, city college… Picked 20 of the best artist Twyla Tharp – Money vs Graffiti UGA artists state […]

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YTU – #3

November 10th Lauren:Tai Chi Going through a lot of stressful times Looked for activities that may help. Slow & graceful manner. Understanding Tai Chi… Two Styles: Yang & Wu Both are based on an ancient Chinese familties Poses: “parting the wild horses mane” “Repulse monkey” Warrior poses 1,2,3 Junha Eliot Lee: Product Customization – Mini […]

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Show & Tell: Xbox Kinect

Nov.8 2011 Show&Tell: Stacey: Xbox Kinect XBOX controller, connected to the video cam which is connected to the XBOX. Can be more fluid with the body.. (In a way, like Wii) Video conference to a new level? Whole-body involvement no controllers (but maybe too interactive?) Very interesting,

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Show & Tell

Trevor: Raindeer Ranch In Rantoul, Annual corn maze Started from just a few raindeer Now has about 15 raindeers in the farm Xander: Gaudi’s Cathedral: Sagrada Familia Very detailed, beautiful architectures, religious sculptures Some elements lizards Jesus turtles

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You Teach Us – #2

Sanny Lin – Dying (die) process You don’t know where the end result is going to look like Firing Process extract the hot ceramics once it gets red hot Put it in an enclosed container for oxidation-reduction process Presentation Vircell  – Father of American Football : Walter Camp  Attended Yale Coached at Yale, etc  Rugby […]

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You Teach Us :) -GRP

Vircell Dayap: Fortune teller – Japanese contraption out of a origami “Cootie Catcher” – Paper Fortune teller (it’s called “동서남북” in Korea) Blue – A-O-I- “8” -> 12345678(Eight times –> 4 –> word is ” to go” Alex Kaiser: How to do free-throws well Bad at Free-throws (well below 50%) Staggered feet, shoulder width, have […]

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WIE — Presentation

Jack Chan Education that endorses creativity 3 Core matters in today’s education. Obsolete Practicality Passion If you look at species as a whole… Humans can learn, adaptability, no other species can do it better than us. We should be utilizing that responsibility to the fullest advantage. Learning is something that we have to learn. If […]

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Product Development VS Marketing

I have been studying for a quiz tomorrow for some time. The reading I am on right now emphasizes marketing for the niche. It tells me to develop or identify the potential the niche rather than be a latecomer and put effort into market segmentation. These are things that help tremendously in the product development […]

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7-Day Collection of Dreams

Sept. 2.(Dates indicate the morning when I woke up) Woke up in the middle of the night, thinking that the dream was a bad omen for the family in Korea. It was a vivid representation of my family in Korea in which they said they were missing me. It was sad.   Sept 3. I […]

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